Welcome to Beijing Fan Yi Institute!

Beijing Fan Yi Institute, the former Northern Institute of Business Management, is a non-government funded non-diploma higher educational institute approved by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education. It was renamed as such with the approval of the commission in June 2010 in order to better adapt itself to the development of Beijing as a world city and to educate more talents who adapt to the development of the world city.

Beijing Fan Yi Institute (BTI for short) lies in Huilongguan Cultural Park which enjoys rich academic and cultural atmosphere. It boasts beautiful environment like shady trees, fountains, waterside pavilions, wet land surrounded by reeds, thermal hot spring, etc., and complete teaching and service facilities such as classroom building, laboratory building, computer room, multimedia classroom, planetarium, auditorium, canteen, supermarket, laundry room, and so on. It is a European-style garden-like institute immersed in international education atmosphere with a blended multiculture.

BTI with Beijing – capital and international city – as the base has teachers of its own, supplemented with the foreign teachers and well-known teachers from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing International Studies University, Beijing Language and Culture University, and other universities. It adopts the learning model of motivation + foreign language + specialized courses to develop students’ persistence through conquering a foreign language, to help students form good study habits through experiencing the success in mastering a foreign language, and then stimulate students to learn other courses. In the way, it develops the students into the promising ones who are proficient in foreign languages and expert at specialized fields, and have noble character, extraordinary creativity and international foresight. BTI, your ideal choice to realize dreams and to become the backbone of the country, is powered by your trust and oriented to your needs. It strives today for a better you tomorrow!

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